Bottega Veneta Wants To Spend The Weekend With You

Fashion is divided on a lot of things: Wearing white pants after Labor Day, Kanye West, how small is too small when it comes to the size of your handbag… One thing that no one in the industry disagrees on, though, is the significance of Daniel Lee’s role as Creative Director of Bottega Veneta. As the former director of ready-to-wear at Celine (at that point, it still had l’accent aigu), Lee learned from the best: Phoebe Philo. When Philo’s abrupt exit from fashion left us searching for a designer who shared her same affinity for minimal, elevated designs, Lee was the obvious choice. In the three years since, the 34-year-old has transformed Bottega Veneta into the fashion brand at the top of everyone’s minds. And like most everything Lee sets his mind to, his latest venture won’t disappoint.Source

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